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How you can get in touch with us

Who do I turn to if my rights are abused?
Is it an emergency? Ring the police on 112!

In addition to the support and help organizations mentioned below, each municipality has a responsibility to support and help those subjected to violence. You can therefore always contact the police in your municipality, social services or a nurse/counsellor at school.

Some of the web pages below do not have panic buttons for leaving their pages quickly.

BRIS (Children’s Rights in Society)

BRIS is an organization for children who are being mistreated and their work is based on children’s needs. If you are under 18, you can call anonymously and talk to an adult at BRIS. It will never be seen on your phone bill that you have rung the Children’s Helpline and BRIS pays for the call. All adults working at the Children’s Helpline are subject to a vow of confidentiality.
The Children’s Helpline: 116 111 Web site: www.bris.se

Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Empowerment Centres

Those who ring these centres can choose to remain anonymous. Everyone who works at these centres observes a vow of confidentiality.
Websites: The Swedish Association of Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Empowerment Centres: www.kvinnojour.com
The National Organisation for Women’s and Young Women’s Shelters in Sweden: www.roks.se
Young Women’s Empowerment Centres: www.tjejjouren.se

Linna-mottagningen (Linna Centre)

The Linna Centre is open for young people aged 13-25 years old who are subjected to honour-related oppression, threats or violence.
Duty telephone: 020-40 70 40

RFSL (The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights)

The RFSL’s Advisory Service in Skåne provides support and advice to those who have been subjected to honour-related violence due to their sexual orientation. They have a duty telephone and will be starting a support group.
Website: www.heder.nu

The Swedish Red Cross Youth

The Swedish Red Cross Youth operate the service Jourhavande Kompis (On-Duty Friend) which works directly with children’s and young people’s safety. It is a duty telephone service which you can ring anonymously when you need to talk to someone. Those who answer are young and they have a 100 per cent vow of confidentiality. On-Duty Friend: 020-222 444
Website: www.rkuf.se

The Sister’s Shelter Somaya

The Sister’s Shelter Somaya is a women’s shelter with more than ten years’ experience of helping women, particularly those of foreign origin and women with a Muslim background. They give advice, support and help to self-help via the duty telephone which is open every day between 9:00 and 16:00. They have three sheltered accommodations, of which one is specifically for women with honour-related problems. They speak over 30 languages. Telephone: 020-81 82 83, Website: www.somaya.se

Tänk om! (Think about it!)

Tänk om! is a non-profit association which was established in 2009 and which works to enlighten, provide information, and debate the treatment of people affected by honour-related oppression and violence. Above all, Tänk om! is the first association to focus on the issues of honour-related violence –abuse – criminality – self-destruction and to raise possible connections between them.
Read more at www.tankom.net or contact them on 0736-98 23 82.

Nationella kvinnofridslinjen (National Women’s Helpline)

National support and a helpline open around the clock. You ring free of charge and have the right to remain anonymous. There is support for various different languages. It is possible to hide the fact that you visited their website. Duty telephone: 020-50 50 50, website: www.kvinnofridslinjen.se

Support line for honour-related violence

An advice and support phone line for those want to talk about violence, threats and control carried out in the name of honour. The phone line is open for all – victims, relatives, friends and others who want to ask questions to our vastly experienced staff. Gryning Vård (Gryning Care) is responsible for the support line.

Call 020-25 85 85 week days between 2-6pm

Killfrågor (Guy questions)

Killfrågor is a support forum which focuses on young men. All young men and those that feel like they are young men can turn to this website.

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